Why Partner with Bisect Hosting

Why Partner with Bisect Hosting

Do you have recurring commissions when players pay their monthly, quarterly, yearly bills?

Do you offer free servers via multicraft or similar on demand to content creators?

Do you have a private Discord or similar chat feature for on demand support from a community of peers?

Do you offer free to partnered content creators graphic design services for both Fancy Menu Mod and graphics for both Youtube and Twitch and as well CF pages?

Do you offer at least twice monthly TEDx style talks with community celebrities about designing mods, packs, twitch, youtube, coding in java, or how to become viral on social media?

Do you offer 24/7/365 (Yes, Xmas, Channukah, Ramadan too) support with response times of 20 minutes less via tickets?

And finally can you also beat my Ryzen 8 64GB 1gbps 1TB server that I have as a sponsorship deal?

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