silent symphony #dalle3 #sunoai

silent symphony #dalle3 #sunoai

Still working on my Taxes. Serves me right for not using a financial tracker. Here’s a pleasant distraction. The lyrics:

In the stillness of the night, I sit alone and wonder
I search for melodies, but they’re lost in the air
The world around me is quiet, with nothing to discover
Only the sound of crickets singing in despair

[Verse 2]
I long for the music, the beauty of a violin
To lift me up and carry me away
But all I hear are empty notes, and my heart grows thin
The silence suffocates, casting shadows on my day

I only hear crickets in the night
Their lonely song fills the empty space
But I yearn for a symphony, a gentle violin’s delight
To grace my ears with melodies of grace and grace
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