Winter is Here Changelog

Winter is Here Changelog

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• Quit building on the surface. Mob spawns are limited up there for a reason.


• Rain Be Gone — We have snow not rain, this is a hold over from my other pack I based it on.

• ScubaGear — Create has scuba gear, we don’t need extra scuba gear!

• Zombie Proof Doors — It’s not that kind of pack.

• Waddles — There’s snow everywhere but you still need to find a ice/snow biome to find the penguins. so bye.

• Underwater Enchanting — A novel idea. But we’re not doing anything underwater, and we’re not fishmen either in this pack.

• Searchables — I didn’t find it that useful

• Ring of Growth — I added that Twerk mod, so this is now pointless.

• Fall through Slime — pointless mod

• Crafting Station — We just added Tinkers, we don’t need duplication.

• Campfire Torches — This mod is linked to nothing in the launcher, there’s no current file on curseforge, no future file, and no past file. Meaning something is up with it. The mod author removed it. so bye.

• Airhop — No one has said “oh wow, you have air hopping!”

• A Block of Charcoal — More Charcoal has a block of charcoal and other charcoal, plus tiny charcoal. This mod was redundant and less feature rich.

• Entity Information — Seemed pointless in retrospection.

• Gui Followers — Lol, you don’t have time for pets.

• Mahoutsaki — You got Ars, and Occultism. You don’t need this overpowered demonic overlord classed magic mod.

• Extra Tags — for the same reason that campfire torches got removed

• Bigger Sponge Absorption Radius — No one got far enough in this pack to even think about using it. And it’s easier to debug a smaller pack.

• Inventory Crafting — as it caused the creative placement bug.

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