World of Dragons IV Changelog

World of Dragons IV Changelog

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• Initailly because using Starter Kit

• Harvest with Ease because it violate FTB Chunks claims

• Tired — Because it appears to be jacking with normal sleep mechanics.


• Almost Unified to resolve the issues caused by Supreme Mining Dimensions, Create, and AllTheOres … ores acting like they don’t know each other.

• Load of Thermal stuff, so that I don’t have to deconfigure the majority of the mayhem that ATO caused.

• Right Click Harvest to replace Harvest With Ease — I wanted this first but it wasn’t available during the first version of WOD IV.

• Easier Sleeping because this is what I wanted all along, a percentage of players sleeping in a dimension to advance the night, it wasn’t available when I started the pack.


• Ambient Sounds 6

• Armourer’s Workshop

• Ars Nouveau

• AzureLib

• Balm

• Better Advancements

• Better Compatibility Checker

• Collective

• Crafting on a stick

• Create Crafts & Additions

• Create Encased

• Create: Vintage Improvements

• Cupboard

• Dynamic FPS

• Explorify – Dungeons & Structures

• FTB Quests Optmizer

• GeckLib

• Just Enough Items

• Keep My Soil Tilled

• Macaw’s Doors

• Macaw’s Fences and Walls

• Macaw’s Lights and Lamps

• Minecolonies

• Modonomicon

• Moonlight Lib

• Occultism

• PUzzles Lib

• Simple Voice Chat

• Starter Kit

• Structurize

• Supreme Mining Dimensions

• Villagers Drop Emeralds on Death

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