Winter is Here Changelog

Winter is Here Changelog

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• Fixed an issue where the 1.16.5 version of torch optimizer was archived and only the cf app could download it. Now any launcher can download the pack again. Yes Torch Optimizer is my mod. 🙂

• Modified primal winter common config to not make new snow layers. maybe that will help with rendering issues.

• Updated JEI

• Updated Macaw’s Bridges

• Tweaked FPS Reducer to kick in sooner.

• Configured Rough Mobs to spawn below ground so you can enjoy them more often.

• Added Let Me Despawn to allow more mobs to despawn.

• Using In-Control, created two rules to limit mobs spawns at height 50 to the world ceiling in the overworld to a max of 10 mobs per chunk, passive or aggressive. This will help with the lag too. If you want mobs to kill or gather go underground. This doens’t affect dragons. Dragons are worldgen only.

• Shout out to Stringz on my Discord for making a report!

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