The Seilican Experience

Version: 3.2.18 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.36 Notes: Maintenace Update. Accidentally removed JEI from the server pack. Minecolonies also updated in the last few hours again, so why not. Updated:

The Seilican Experience

Version: 3.1.17 Forge: 1.15.2 – 31.2.36 Notes: Maintenance Update. Updated:

World of Dragons – A New Age

Version: 2.3.43 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.31 Notes: An update to make sure the new server address is in place. Added Featured Servers back. Create caught up so it’s back! Server Owners if you have trouble running the pack, up it to 6gb and change max-tick to a value greater than 100k Updated:… Continue reading World of Dragons – A New Age

World of Dragons


OpenComputers – Proof it Works

Go to for programs and more, browse around. Also you can search the internet for “opencomputers programs” there are loads of them out there.

The Seilican Experience

Colonial Expansion

Removed: Custom Main Menu because Fancy Menu

Colonial Age

Version: 2.19.53 Forge: 1.14.4-28.2.23 Notes: Maintenace Update. Added Fancy Menu to improve the start screen and provide a nice animation sequence. Updated and disabled Xaero’s Minimap and World Map. Added Journeymap which was not available when the pack started on 1.14.4. Added ore excavation for obvious reasons. Removed Better Title Screen due to having Fancy… Continue reading Colonial Age

Is CurseForge for 3rd Party Launchers Doomed?

[7:19 AM] Kreezxil: For example ATL & GDL and both make and launch fabric packs as well as forge packs, GDL actually allows you to browse the curse repo to build them[9:19 AM] falseresync: GDL is super buggy, not really as malware as Twitch, but rich in bugs on the same level[9:31 AM] PoisonDart: I’m… Continue reading Is CurseForge for 3rd Party Launchers Doomed?

The Seilican Experience

Version: 2.14.15 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.22 Forge updated. Fixed some furnace conflicts thus closing Updates: Added: