World of Dragons

Version: 21.17.274 Notes: Maintenace Update. Changed servers, reflected that in pack. Updated: Added: Follow Us:

OpenComputers – Proof it Works

Go to for programs and more, browse around. Also you can search the internet for “opencomputers programs” there are loads of them out there.

The Seilican Experience

Version: 3.0.16 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.30 Notes: Maintenace Update. Removed Chinese Workshop, and the Macaw mods. Seilican didn’t want them. Removed Xaero’s mods, Journeymap is now the official map. If you need Xaero’s mods, just add them, they’re only client side anyways. Because of the removal a world wipe will be recommended. However, you don’t have to… Continue reading The Seilican Experience

Colonial Expansion

Version: 9.1.54 Forge: 1.12.3- Notes: Maintenace Update. Added Fancy Menu to improve the start screen and provide a nice animation sequence. Updated: Added: Removed: Custom Main… Continue reading Colonial Expansion

Colonial Age

Version: 2.19.53 Forge: 1.14.4-28.2.23 Notes: Maintenace Update. Added Fancy Menu to improve the start screen and provide a nice animation sequence. Updated and disabled Xaero’s Minimap and World Map. Added Journeymap which was not available when the pack started on 1.14.4. Added ore excavation for obvious reasons. Removed Better Title Screen due to having Fancy… Continue reading Colonial Age

Is CurseForge for 3rd Party Launchers Doomed?

[7:19 AM] Kreezxil: For example ATL & GDL and both make and launch fabric packs as well as forge packs, GDL actually allows you to browse the curse repo to build them[9:19 AM] falseresync: GDL is super buggy, not really as malware as Twitch, but rich in bugs on the same level[9:31 AM] PoisonDart: I’m… Continue reading Is CurseForge for 3rd Party Launchers Doomed?

The Seilican Experience

Version: 2.14.15 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.22 Forge updated. Fixed some furnace conflicts thus closing Updates: Added:


Version: 1.28.29 Forge: 1.14.4-28.2.19 Added back the mod I removed that is not responsible for the glowing effect that we all hated. The mod that was causing that was Forbidden Arcanus, it’s been out of the pack for a while now. Disabled Xaero’s map mods. If you need them, simply re-enable them. Added Journeymap, it… Continue reading BTMCGS

The Seilican Experience

Version: 2.13.14 Forge: 1.15.2-31.2.21 A mod to dynamically allow you to switch between conflicting recipes to get their outputs has shown up called PolyMorph. Also added another new mod called Mass Key Unbinder which on first run deactivates (unassigns) all keys accept for the vanilla keys. Good News Everyone!!! Create Mod, the one with the… Continue reading The Seilican Experience


Thanking the DNC for keeping racism alive, they’re version of it, and constantly trying to convince their people that the conservatives are too blame. The conservatives meanwhile have given up and all but for a few have laid down. The DNC can do what it wants now. USA? bah, Republic? No forget about? True Democracy?… Continue reading Freedom?